*Faerie* (bedazzledsoma33) wrote,

And its just beginning...

Last night was awesome... I went to see Cloverfield, which is beyond kick ass! I really want to go see it again now. I was so worried it was going to let me down, but it lived up to all expectations. :D My date, however, did not... even though it wasn't really a date cause we talked about his girlfriend the whole time, but at least it was a breaking point in the crush... cause I realized I couldn't like him. We just are too different... Yeah I like to stay at home most of the time, but there are times when I just have to get out. No staying home.. I want to go cause some chaos.. I want to go live freely and not give a fuck for what happens. And that was how I felt last night. I had a babysitter all night and there was no way that I was staying at home. We got done with the movie and we couldnt decide on what to do. I wanted to go to Dee's or to a concert.. and he didnt like either idea. So even though I was so excited to spend time with him. I made him take me home. I went out to the concert by my lonesome, but it was cool cause I was meeting friends there. I finallllllly saw my friends band play, after like 5 years or so. hahah. They were amazing to say the least... hung out there for awhile and then decided to go to Dee's where my friends decided to attempt to hook em up with the drummer... even though I wasn't even interested. Needless to say it didn't work out... at this point it was only 2 am, so I decided to go on another adventure. Went out to a friends house and watched a movie with them, was too tired to drive home, passed out there... and spent the morning talking about horror movies, video games, awesome tv shows, cartoons, and whatever else we could think about. 5 am conversations are probably the best. hahaha. Got home with tons of plans today and then totally passed out til 2... haha. waste of the day, but at least I feel refreshed. Friday night = crush averted.... bring on saturday!!!! :D
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