*Faerie* (bedazzledsoma33) wrote,

its about time...

So it looks like I actually found a doctor that I like! The pain had finally gotten too bad to handle, so I made an emergency appt to see the nurse's physician... I thought it was just going to be a nurse that asked me questions and set up an appt for my ultrasound... but she was so thorough and nice and actually answered all my questions. Which doctors never do, they always just ignore me.. give me some pills... and run me out the door. She came to the conculsion that I have Endometriosis. Which I have assumed Ive had for years. Its takes surgery to be able to for sure diagnosis it, but with all my symptoms she is pretty sure that I have it. It has an easy fix... which is birth control pills. As much as I hate them I will have to be back on them... if that doesnt work then I will have to have surgery ... that dreaded word again... and the surgery is a hysterectomy... so thats fun..! My mom had this before and had to get the procedure done... so at least I have someone to talk to about it with. I am just so happy after what... 8 years... I finally found someone that is willing to look into this more. Every other doctor has said "it will go away on its own" "it's normal for a girl your age" "blah blah blah" I guess it really does take a woman doctor to understand the pain that we can go through. I'm scared, but I am so happy that I finally am going to be rid of this pain that I have just learned to live with. so yay for me.
And as if on schedule... Im sick.... sky is sick... he has some kind of eye infection so I am taking him in tonight.
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