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I went to my old junior high school today and it brought back many old memories. I wanted to go play in the halls, but I had to behave myself. I remember you walking out those doors... wearing your kmfdm shirt and your pirate pants... insulting some random kid because you thought it was funny... the only time I think I was ever angry with you... I walked home alone and our friends had to get you to come apologize to me. haha. seems so trivial now, but I will always regret getting mad at you, just because that was the last day that I would ever see you. I remember kissing you on the stairs before class and always passing notes in the hallway... how we were like the only goth couple of the school. lol. Silly little memories that will always mean so much to me... I could go off on all the times... strawberry daquari jellybelly jellybeans, double and triple letters. haha. It was always about the little things.

I remember my van... and being a soccer mom with house dementia.. driving to the airport at two in the morning on a summer night with about 10 kids in the car. That was great thing about having a van. haha. Jesse thinking the Scanner was a CT Scan. lol. And being scared of heights so we had to drop him off at the mouth of the canyon. hahaha. I remember waking up to my van completely covered in flowers before an amazing friend left the state. Also waking up to a window sill full of roses and stuffed animals and a mixed cd... that my ex at the time walked 5 miles to bring me... Sluffing school and getting high in the canyon while Vanessa drew smiling faces on all the rocks around us... going to Modified and spending hours looking at cds... going to the DI to buy 80's stuffed animals... and the pet store... school was always the best when I wasn't there. Getting kicked out for coloring in summer school... I remember pointing out when people would turn in the hallways... I remember my boy scout son... and my koala bear lion lesbian lover. lol. I remember Sean thinking that puddings were instant muffins... and how I always wanted to play with all the toys in Kevin's backyard but I was always wearing a skirt. I remember our girl posse and always hitch hiking for rides with strangers... going to classic skating on the weekends and stealing our parents alcohol. I remember a crazy taxi ride and a sad morning where I determined my best friends fate... I remember riding our bikes and feeling like we were in the now and then movie... haha. smoking and drinking for the first time... and sleepovers which consisted of playboys and rubber cement. .. I remember fog parties and way too much alcohol. I remember walking through the gully and thinking that we were tripping out... sitting in a constructionized house thinking that we were hearing voices and not realizing that we had spent like 6 hours venturing... I remember staying up for 8 hours and playing Perfect Dark so that you could get your sleep before school the next day... (first time I ever had a video game hangover)... I remember staying up late doing crossword puzzles and having frequency competitions with my room mate. I remember climbing trees in the middle of a school park... I remember the drum circles... and the first time I met you... I remember drives up the canyon while space cruising in your car... I remember alot for how high I used to be, lol... I remember epic soul calibur competitions while we sat in your room all day... I remember your scooby doo van... summer nights and french bread... high school rooms covered in posters and leopard and zebra print. I remember so much of my childhood that it seems insane that I was the person that lived that life. Some people hated their school years, but I completely loved mine and wouldn't give them up for the world.

Thank you to everyone that made them amazing. (Chris, Ashley, Vanessa, Tod, Paul, Mike, Kevin, Andrew, Sean, Matt, Logan, Justin, Jill, Apryl, Scott, Landon, Kansas, Chantale, Aubrey, Alisha, Taylor, Marc, Alex, Ashleigh, etc...)
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