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Listening to this song brings back so many memories...
the blue sky above me
the green grass underneath my feet
all the people surrounding me...
my best friends by my side
and the tears slowly rolling down my cheeks

I remember the music blasting through out the entire cemetery
I remember the look on everyones faces when this was the song that was played for you
I appreciate you parents so much for letting me decide what song was able to be your last
I remember the ring that you had on your finger...
and the one I had on mine
so much emotion for such a small naive girl
hard to have the love of your life, when your only 14...
even harder to lose that love

No one will ever compare
or be able to come before you in my mind.
I think where we would be right now.
Happily married, I suppose.
or completely forgotten to each other as a schools crush...
who knows, but I wish I would have gotten the chance to find out.

You were my "Edward"
I miss and love you forever...
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