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I'm on the *verge* of killing someone...

verge... how that silly little word can remind me of so much... sad :(

Anyway, today is making me want to pull my hair out. First you act jealous for no reason at all... then you act like a dick, cause you are really good at doing that lately. I ask you nicely to help out and you treat me like I have no authority over you... sorry to say, but now I do. I am busting my ass... and you are reading wow forums and laughing. I could just smack you upside the head. I have extremely important assignments that I need to finish, but you just wander off and leave me to take care of everything. I am so crazy stressed out right now. I am so used to just relaxing and having work be easy, but now seeing how much effort it takes to keep everything going... I feel very frazzled. And yet while everyone is working their ass off.. you are just sitting there. BAH! This is why I can't date you... it would make things so incredibly hard and annoying at work. I am sure within a week I would just hate you.

On a happier note. I had a great night last night... it just seems so easy to fall back into things with you. Even if we don't see each other for awhile, its like we never spent any time apart. Usually its awkward and strange with people or it disappears.. or you have to work at the whole thing to get back to that comfort level.
But with you its just there...
Even just as friends.. I just feel incredibly comfortable around you, more so than I do with most people.
And of course I always have a good time... even if I am dead tired in the morning. haha.

I have felt so stressed since yesterday... I just feel like a bolt of electricity is going through me... almost to the point of shaking... I need to relax and have some time to recuperate... some good mind numbing WoW sounds excellent for that. Maybe I am shaking from withdrawals... ha- ha- ha.

I just need today to be over already... I so wish I would have stayed home all warm and cozy in my bed...but today would have been INSANE without me... so its good that I came in...
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